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Patina Standing Oil Torches


Care Instructions: Wipe with a soft dry cloth.
Code: 2030040/41 GRN
Measurements: LxWxH, M: 18x18x40cms, L: 18x18x60cms
The Patina Standing Oil Torches come with a wick & a cap to burn/ extinguish the flame
Kerosene/ Paraffin oil is used to burn the flame.
Store safely when not in use.

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A beautiful simplistic creation in steel our Patina Standing Oil Torches will spice up your indoors as well as your outdoors.
Always alert, always ready to play it’s role as the keeper of light in your home.
Perfect for your grand entrance, patio, balcony, between your plants, or in any corner of your home that needs this beacon of light.
The Patina Standing Oil Torches come as a set of 2.
Made in India